April 14, 2017

The first image that contains cool colors is my current periodical from Shape magazine, and the image on the right that is in warm colors is The Female Spectator.  Both selections talk about how more than just a first impression or just passion is needed in a relationship for it to work out.  Shape mainly uses the words relationship, sparks, security, connection, life, stable, and boyfriend.  The Female Spectator mainly uses the words young, great, fortune, passion, sparks, imaginary, wishes, and lover.  While the most used words in these selections are different they have the same meaning.  They are also different because they are written in completely different time periods, a few centuries apart.  One thing they do have in common is the word passion.  They talk about how passion can blind a person so that they can’t see the faults and problems.  Passion can cause people to act irrationally and make decisions that are not right.  It can also lead people to make blind choices and move a relationship way to quickly…..which most likely will lead to it fizzling out.  The current periodical mainly uses sparks instead of passion but they are used in the same context it’s just the fact that sparks is a more modern term and easier for the intended audience to relate to.  Things that Haywood said way back when are still relevant in today’s society and culture.  They are still topics that are widely discussed and debated.  Mainly the point that passion can lead people to get too serious too soon while they are still to young!


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