Reflection on Special Collections Visit

I didn’t know prior to this that the library was home to materials that old, like the books and periodicals.  The physical periodicals we a lot less delicate than I had imagined.  The paper was thicker and the quality of them overall was great considering their age.  A periodical is a newspaper or magazine that came out on an evenly spaced time frame, for instance every second Tuesday of the month.  PDF.
The ECCO has many steps that need to be completed in order to access what you are looking for.  Also another downfall would be that it opens a new tab for each of there steps.  I searched many keywords including passion, happiness, and pizza.  I found all the words I looked up to have many instances where they were used except pizza.  Now days if you view a periodical you will most likely find a few instances of pizza being used because pizza is more popular than  during that time period.  I searched it to show a significant difference in the time periods.  The long f was tricky to transfer to an s when reading the articles also the jargon used is harder to understand because the words that were used commonly back then are not used at all really too much today.
Once I got the hang of how the ECCO works I was easier to navigate.  It was interesting that all these old books and literature is stored on this database and easy to access.  I came across the piece I chose completely by random, I just clicked around and landed on one.  Passion is the word I found to be most successful in my search.  I chose it because I believe passion is in everyone and everything and without passion there’s not a point to anything.

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