Fences impact on Relationships

Relationships are a major theme in Fences by August Wilson in more ways than one.  Some examples of relationship in this play are the marriage between Rose and Troy, friendship between Bono and Troy, affairs between Alberta and Troy, a brotherly relationship between Gabriel and Troy, and father son relationships between both Cory and Troy, and Llyons and Troy.  The main relationship present is marriage between Rose and Troy.  In Act 2, Scene 1 Troy puts his marriage in jeopardy when he takes a leap and tells Rose that he is going to become a father, inferring he had an affair.  This causes an argument between Rose and Troy about how Troy has felt stuck in the same spot for years, which Rose counters with,” I’ve been right here with you,” informing him that she has been stuck with him and she has felt the same way but the difference is she stayed loyal to him.  At which point Cory comes out, because he hears his mother’s shouts, and knocks Troy to the ground.  This in turn exposes other relationships, reinforcing the theme, which include his affair relationship with Alberta and his father son relationship with Cory.  His relationship with Alberta is mainly one of lust and he just wanted something new.  His relationship with Cory, on the other hand, is a lot more complex.  Cory is his son therefore he must take care of him because it’s the law, but he doesn’t like his son because of his jealousy towards him.

This relationship between Rose and Troy seems to almost parallel the relationship between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver except that Maria ended up leaving and divorcing Arnold.   Troy and Arnold both had relations with women outside of their marriage, which ended in the birth of a child and relationship strain.  Maria divorced Arnold because she had the means to, if Rose had the same resources I am sure she would have done the same.


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